Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kanha-Kisli Wildlife Sanctuary....

Travelling in 'Kipling country', thus known because of Rudyard Kipling's story 'Jungle Book', which was inspired by the Kanha-Kisli Wildlife sanctuary, the journey from Jabalpur Station to the park was eventful and there were loads of stuff that one could see.
Saw a lot of wildlife- the four legged and the two. Clockwise starting from Mr.Channel V, the Indian Ghost tree, Patterned goats, a Langur, different bones displayed at the Museum there, a scorpion (the colour is real!) at close range, a female barasingha deer strolling around (The Barasingha, fondly known as the 'The Jewel of Kanha' is found only in this area!), an anthill (isn't it huge?), male bison (actually speaking- this is HUGE!) and a beautiful peacock in the grasses. Taken the following pics according to the time- reached late evening, so the sunset while having tea outside the sanctuary. Then a lovely moon set in a dark blue-black sky. Early morn (around 6am) when all the cars are stationed at the gate post, ready to go... (this image is the second of a series of pics from 6am to 6.15 wherein the scene rapidly changed from dark to light)...and the last pic is around 6.30-was misty all around as went on a tiger trail.
Tiger we did see- actually tigress! Spotting her, we started to reverse backwards (as is the norm of the jungle) and watched her saunter pass- regality in it's full splendour!
Near the Kanha wildlife sanctuary and on the way to Jabalpur, are the Bheda Ghats. The Narmada river flows with all the strength of a mini-sea. The first picture is that of the crossing (which was under water) to reach the tourist point- we held hands and ourselves while we crossed over....the second pic is that of the waterfalls. The stone here is marble. In fact the place is also known as Marble Rocks....simply awesome! And when one takes a plunge in this water (no, not as stupid as you think I am!) as we saw some people do, it's a different feeling altogether! Posted by Picasa
Location: Kanha-Kisli Wildlife Sanctuary.
It is one the largest wildlife sanctuary in the whole of Asia and one of the first Project Tiger reserves in India. The total area is 1945 kms with 1005 km being a buffer zone to the reserve. The core area covers 940 sq. kms of bamboo thickets, extensive grasslands and dense sal forests.
How to get there:
Nearest airport: Nagpur (all India)- 266 km and Jabalpur (Delhi)
Nearest major railway station: Jabalpur or Nagpur. Then one can drive down or take a bus. The road journey is about 6-7 hours.
Local Languages: Hindi, English, sometimes Marathi as Nagpur is closeby.
Accomodation: MPTDC log huts (recommended to be where the action is); Wild Chalet Resort,Mocha village (8 kms from Kisli gate); Krishna Jungle resort and Kipling Camp near Kisli; Royal Tiger resort near Mukki.
Entry points: The park is open for visitors from dawn to dusk (though 2-4pm is when the animals get a respite,so all entries/exits are either before 2 or after4). Entry is through two forest check posts- One being the Kisli village (on the western fringes of the core area) and the other is at Mukki village, on the southern side.
Best time to go here: Oct to April. The park is closed during monsoon from July thru September.
Climate: Extreme - > 40 Deg C in summer and freezing in winter. Summer is supposedly the best time to sight wild life. The winters are when the tigers mate.
Average Expenditure: Budget (less than Rs.1000/day)
Per day charges: Vehicle entry: 150 Rs, Visitor entry / head: 25 Rs, Still Camera: 40 Rs, Video camera: 300 Rs
Per entry charges: Tiger Show/ head: 100 Rs, Guide charges: 100 Rs per vehicle
Animals to spot: 22 species of mammals- The Gaur, the largest of the world’s cattle; The Sambar-Largest Indian Deer; The Chausingha- the only Four-Horned Antelope in the world; Barking Deer; Barasingha- the Jewel of Kanha; the Nilgai Antelope, Bison, Leopard, Panther, Tiger, Sloth Bear, The Dhole (Indian Wild Dog), Wild Boars, Jackals, Jungle cat, Macaque; the tiny mouse deer (Muntjac) and more.
Some 200 species of birds inhabit the park that includes the Cattle Egret, Black Ibis, Hawk Eagle and The Red-Wattled Lapwing, Waterfowl,etc.
Places to see within the sanctuary: Kanha Museum, Sunset Point(Bamni Dadar), the Elephant Safari, Shravantal- a watering hole.
Places to see nearby: Bandhavgarh Wildlife sanctuary, Pench wildlife sanctuary, Bheda Ghats


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informative n interesting blog. revisited kerala!

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Excellent Blog Darpana!
I was thinking of a trip to Kanha since long. You made things so much easier for me :)

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lovemarks said...

* nescafe: Thanks!!! If a keralite is impressed then I'm happy! :)

* braveheart: I'm glad you liked! Kanha's a great place to visit. Enjoy your trip!:)

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Awesome esp the tigers :-)
I want to go

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Hi, this is a very nice post, seeing the tiger from upclose that distance must have been a lifetime experience for u.

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Excellent blog, yu made us feel being in Kanha...I and my kids want to go this annual leave while we come to India.
why not try yr hand at direction sometime?