Saturday, January 26, 2008

Walk around Pune

1. 'Lord of the small things'
(c) D.Athale, 2007

He waits,

he watches.
One day, some day...
these small dreams
will be real size too.

2.Light and it's shadow.
(c) D.Athale, 2007
If everything lit always threw a shadow, wonder where does light hide it's shadow?

3. Time-bound
(c) D.Athale, 2007Time stood mute testimony
As he scrubbed and laboured
And not a word was spoken,
when the sparkle was delivered.

4. Weather- beaten.
(c) D.Athale, 2007
Old arms, tired of supporting
Old joints, tired of holding
The weathered facade of mine
rests, along with those,
who pray ... in me.

5.Smoky Dreams
(c) D.Athale, 2007
One last puff
before I say 'done',
My eyes closed,
I sleep.
My hands and lips continue...
Allowing me to have smoky dreams.

All photographs and text are copyright of D.Athale. 2007.


Keshi said...

this is a tear-jerker! :(


lovemarks said...

* Keshi: Wt is? The post?

Vinod said...

Listen...! This is awesome... didn't know you enjoyed clicking...!!!
What more surprises?????

workhard said...

Lovely, very nicely represented


francis said...

VERY cool site!! Wonderful pictures-thank you so much-made my day! It's great to see when you can't be there yourself! Francis